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Ecological solutions for a better future in Alta Badia

We promote eco-sustainability and the enhancement of local products at the Boutique Hotel Dolomit, located in the fascinating scenery of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

We believe in the genuine hospitality of the past with a fresh attitude. Above all, we believe in an independent spirit when it comes to travel. And in bringing it to life.
We are a close-knit family and team, and behind each team member, there is a common thread that tells our philosophy. For over 50 years, our approach to hospitality has been tailor-made and centred around family, community, and the local area. Our corner of the world is a chosen place, and we are aware of our responsibility to actively preserve its authenticity and natural beauty as it presents itself to travellers.
While it may seem, in a way, innate for those born and raised in Alta Badia to have a special affinity for all things natural and ecological, when it comes to managing a hotel, the choices are important, precise, and sometimes bold.
We employ "Klima-Haus" construction technology to reduce energy consumption, utilize renewable sources with high-performance systems such as solar panels and biomass for hot water and heating, provide a charging station for electric vehicles, and exclusively use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and fair-trade, eco-friendly guest products. We also use Grander Wasser filters for water purification and controlled consumption. In short, everything possible at Dolomit Boutique Hotel is designed and purchased with respect for the principle that ecology and sustainability have their place in the field of hospitality if one desires it.

Following the same philosophy, Walter, Inge's husband and the chef of the hotel's restaurant, "La Tor," actively contributes to promoting the eco-sustainability of their business by actively supporting the local community.
They collaborate with local suppliers, prioritise local products in the menu and purchasing, and contribute to the preservation of natural breeding and cultivation areas. Disposable plastic is banned, and the restaurant and hotel only use biodegradable products, such as corn fibre straws and takeaway containers, as well as compostable slippers in the rooms.
Since autumn 2018, thanks to Yvonne, Inge and Walter's daughter, Dolomit Boutique Hotel has also been a pioneer in promoting Plogging in Italy. Born in Sweden in 2016 from the idea of a passionate Swedish runner, Erik Ahlström, plogging combines the Swedish words "plogga" (picking up) and "jogging" or "walking." It is an activity that raises awareness and preserves the surrounding environment by collecting litter while engaging in physical exercise.
All guests can pick up a bag at the reception containing a garbage bag to be filled and returned to us in the evening. We take care of the recycling!
Because the philosophy of Dolomit is rooted in the heart of modern ethics, not only towards the environment:


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