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Romantic Boutique Hotel in Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites

Designer rooms, exquisite culinary experiences, a Finnish sauna and a summer pool for your relaxation, just a step away from the Sellaronda.

Being a boutique hotel and being one in the mountains, in the heart of the Dolomites.
Keeping the promise of offering an authentic hotel experience and doing so in the natural environment of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the Dolomit Boutique Hotel, in Alta Badia.

A hotel where we have redefined the concept of travel, vacation, guest, and sustainability.
A hotel that aims to enhance the lives of our guests and our community, creating a unique place focused on the territory we are part of, where people feel inspired and part of the locality they visit.

We believe that few things in life are as essential and impactful as the people and places we encounter when we travel, and we seek to convey this philosophy through our work, with reliable service, a creative vision, an independent spirit, and a deep connection with the environment. Our Dolomit Boutique Hotel is still family-run and draws inspiration from the hoteliers of the past, whose concept of hospitality was rooted in community, welcoming guests, and caring for every detail.

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We have created it tailor-made for the locality it is located in, the surrounding environment, and its history. We have made it respectful of nature and people because we firmly believe that sustainable tourism and hospitality are not a utopia but a duty. An immense garden reminiscent of a park, a solar-panel-heated pool, an exclusive Finnish sauna powered by a biomass system that supplies the entire hotel, and a family of alpacas that have been living freely with us for years. Everything is designed to embody the authenticity and harmony of the experience so that it becomes a cherished memory.
So that it becomes a comeback.

We have an eclectic and elegant aesthetic when it comes to the design and furnishings of our rooms. Each room is unique and original, inspired by fruits and spices that we love and that enrich the culinary offerings of our restaurant, colours and scents that make you feel at home. We are by your side at every moment of your vacation, guiding you to discover the magic of the Fanes Sennes Braies Nature Park, the Armentara plateau, as well as the wonder of the Sellaronda in winter, experiencing and sharing countless adventures and activities in our land.
We are working to ensure that your journey is fantastic.
That it leaves you with the desire to return.
And to return.

Design. Aromas. Colours
Weather. Relaxation. Balance
Nature. Sport. Wellness
Quality. Tradition. Territory
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